21 March 2023, 11 am CET

Europe is home to a vast number of husbandry systems, from extensive to intensive. In the context of the EU Green Deal’s Farm to Fork Strategy amidst tumultuous socio-political pressures – from food security to fertilizer crises and mounting sustainability-related demands from consumers– what is the role of livestock in more sustainable food systems and how can today’s research and innovation in husbandry get us there?


How research and innovation in livestock husbandry can enable more sustainable food systems
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A roundtable with affiliated projects: mEATquality, PATHWAYS, CODE RE-farm and INTAQT

Join us on 21 March at 11 am CET as REVOLVE hosts an online LinkedIn event roundtable with experts from four research and innovation projects dedicated to husbandry for quality and sustainability, to discuss how livestock is crucial to food system redesign.

The roundtable will address key points, including:

      • Why do we need more sustainable food systems, and what is the role of livestock?
      • How do consumer expectations enhance the need for transparency and influence production systems?
      • Is there a link between animal welfare and quality of the product?