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Project presentation, Animated videos and seminars

90-second video: project presentation


Meat Science & Technology Inspiration Symposium 2022


Pig Welfare Assessment training 1


Pig Welfare Assessment training 2


Do we really know what are we cooking?



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1st Press Release


The power of meat – innovations and legacies paving the way for the future of animal protein

Technical publications

Technical articles and Practices Abstracts

2023: Livestock for Sustainable Food Systems

Danielle Kutka, Maria Anastasu, Mariana Couto, Dina Lopes, and Joana Anjos

Scientific publications

Papers and abstracts

2023: Blockchain encryption of supply chains and animal welfare cues and their impact on consumer' assessment of high-quality meat

Andrea Gröppel-Klein and Kenya-Maria Kirsch

Association for Consumer Research Conference 2023 in Seattle

2023: Design of Cues on Supply Chain Encryption through Blockchain Technology and AnimalWelfare Compliance on Meat Product Packaging

Andrea Gröppel-Klein and Kenya-Maria Kirsch

2023: Husbandry practices associated with extensification in European pig
production and their effects on pork quality

Agnieszka Ludwiczak, Małgorzata Kasprowicz-Potocka, Anita Zaworska-Zakrzewska, Joanna Składanowska-Baryza, Vicente Rodriguez-Estevez, Santos Sanz-Fernandez, Cipriano Diaz-Gaona, Paolo Ferrari, Lene Juul Pedersen, Mariana Y.R. Couto, Isabel Revilla, Ewa Sell-Kubiak

2022: Linking key husbandry factors to the intrinsic quality of broiler meat

Joanna Marchewka, Patryk Sztandarski, Magdalena Solka, Helen Louton, Katharina Rath,
Lukas Vogt, Elke Rauch, Dionne Ruijter, Ingrid C. de Jong, and Jaroslaw O. Horbanczuk

2022: Effect of key husbandry factors on chicken meat and carcass quality

J. Marchewka, P. Sztandarzki, M. Solka, H. Louton, E. Rauch, K. Rath, L. Vogt, W. Vogt-Kaute, D. Ruijter and I.C. De Jong

2022: European consumers’ evaluation of pork and broiler meat quality attributes

A.O. Peschel, K. Thomsen and K.G. Grunert

2022: Review on the effects of sustainable extensification of pig husbandry on pork quality

A. Ludwiczak, E. Sell-Kubiak and mEATquality Consortium

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Project Coordinator
Wageningen Research
Dr. Hans Spoolder

Communication and Dissemination Coordinator
Asociación ECOVALIA
Ángela Morell Pérez
+34 955 023 190

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101000344.